Real-Life ‘X-Men’ Magneto Shoes Let You Walk on the Ceiling

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From the amateur inventor that brought us the real-life Wolverine claws comes Magneto shoes that actually let you walk on the ceiling.

Colin Furze has developed magnetic shoes so strong that they let users walk upside down. He’s been on a DIY spree to re-create iconic superpowers from the comic book series, and the timing is perfect too — X-Men: Days of Future Past is now in theaters.

Magneto, played by Ian McKellen in the film, can use his powers to manipulate electromagnetic fields and move objects around with his mind. Although he can’t fly, Magneto also has the ability to levitate by using some sort of magnetic platform.

In the video, Furze shows off his self-made magnetic shoes in which he uses to walk upside down with the help of a pulley to move his feet. He snacks on potato chips and sips some water while hanging from the ceiling too — because… YOLO?

Sure, Furze may not be controlling the metal with his mind, but he certainly makes the most of sticking to it. Check out the clip above.

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