Picture of the Day: Erawan Falls, Thailand

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Photograph by Fat Tony | Prints available

In this serene capture by my friend Fat Tony, we see the stunning Erawan Falls, located in Erawan National Park, Thailand.

To get the shot, Fat Tony snuck into the park before sunrise to catch the first light of the day and capture the falls without any other tourists around. It’s a popular destination, so to see the falls with no people in the frame is quite a rarity.

Erawan National Park spans over 500 square kilometers with 75% of the park covered with forest. Erawan Falls features seven levels dropping down over 1,500 meters and is regarded as one the most beautiful falls in Thailand. You can walk to each level on the paths but you’ll have to do a bit of climbing to reach the very top of the falls. Swimming is also allowed in some of the waterfall’s pools. [Source]

For more great travel and BMX photography, check out Fat Tony’s official site and/or blog.

*update: Since posting this pic, Fat Tony has made a behind the scenes vid explaining how he captured one of his favourite photos of all time. You can see it embedded below

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