Photographer Puts Camera On Radio-Controlled Buggy To Take Close-Up Photos Of Lions In Botswana [VIDEO]

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Ever wondered how creatures in the wild look extremely close up? How does it feel when they stare back at you with fierce amazement? Fortunately, commercial photographer Chris McLennan from New Zealand gives you safe access to an otherwise unsettling experience.

Chris McLennan, mostly known for his travel, wildlife, tourism and adventure photography, recently went for another extraordinary pursuit by taking close-up photos of wild lions in Botswana with a robot camera assembled with the help of engineer Carl Hansen. The amazing photos were captured by “Car-L”, a remote controlled 4×4 camera buggy with a Nikon D800E camera and an 18-35mm lens. [Read more…]

First, the rig snapped a shot of a male lion and escaped unharmed. Then the robot met a pride of deeply curious female lions, which is when things got much more interesting. The female lions created a real show with their sincere astonishment and eagerness to figure out what the strange robot-thingy really was. The rig performed admirably, avoiding any serious harm and returning to its owners with a payload of amazing photographs on its back.

The results of the project went viral, and it’s no surprise – we’ve never seen wildlife from this such an unusually revealing perspective before. Take a look at the video of the encounter, but make sure your pets stay away from the screen – they might get jealous at how cute these lions look.

Source: Chris McLennan


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