13 responses to “people”

  1. diabolicaljazz says:

    No, apparently we don’t believe in any sort of justice at all.

  2. StreetLightPeople says:

    violence as a response

  3. jackbos says:

    I don’t see imgurians trying to get people expelled from school for stating liberal beliefs. But if I do, I’ll say the same thing to them.

  4. DoomEndures says:

    I don’t believe in free speech. Or a lot of the constitution

  5. metalcupcake says:

    +addition And winning from people physically attacking them, so you help the church when you bash WBB!just ignore nutjobs or mocktheir signs

  6. JustALiar says:

    Now there’s people on 4chan looking after you.

  7. jackbos says:

    Yes, you heard me correctly. It’s the modernized version of calling people Hitler.

  8. loshea says:

    When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

  9. IwritewithoutspaceshoweverIstillfollowbasiclanguagerules says:

    the right for people to speak unpopular opinions,if it didn’t it would be pointless, yes,this mans opinion’s shit but it opens communication

  10. 4aspirinmorning says:

    Yeah, “democrats”. I still can’t believe people don’t understand who the Dixiecrats were. Your ignorance is showing.

  11. chbarts says:

    So think a bit before you call someone else a bigot.

  12. supineBanana says:

    hehehe… Guy’s a pro troll.

  13. 4aspirinmorning says:

    He renounced his racist past, and received good ratings from NAACP and ACLU.

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