People Ignore Domestic Abuse Happening Next To Them In An Elevator (Video)

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STHLM Panda, a Swedish prank and social experiment channel on YouTube, uploaded a new video showing how strangers react when they witness domestic abuse.

Though most would argue that they’d intervene, the video shows that bystanders (more often than not) tend to ignore abuse when confronted by it.

The channel hired actors to pose as a couple fighting in an elevator.

The male actor was made to verbally and physically abuse the female while other passengers were riding the elevator; they wanted to see how witnesses would respond.

Of the 53 riders who witnessed the faux attacks, only one intervened — the rest ignored the situation almost entirely.

The video ends by reminding viewers that a woman is abused every 20 minutes in Sweden.

Interestingly, this video was released shortly after the White House’s newest It’s On Us campaign, which also urges bystanders to intervene when they see a potentially dangerous or violent situation.

The takeaway here? If you see something, say something — do something. If you let abuse happen, you are every bit as guilty as the abuser.

See the video up top (click the “CC” button for English subtitles).

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