Paralyzed Bride Shocks Everyone By Walking Down The Aisle At Her Wedding (Video)

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Gina Giaffoglione has the determination of an Olympic athlete.

The gymnast from Pacific Junction, IA, has been paralyzed from the waist down since a car crash caused by a drunk friend took her mobility several years ago.

But at her September 18 wedding to fiancé John Springhower, Giaffoglione shocked her guests by walking down the 90-foot aisle with the help of her father, Gary.

Giaffoglione earned her moment in the spotlight, spending a year-and-a-half working with physical therapists at Immanuel Hospital’s CHI Health Rehabilitation Center.

The work was challenging, but Giaffoglione never faltered. She describes the feeling in her legs as a sensation similar to limbs “falling asleep.”

And while Giaffoglione became stronger, she still needed some support. Specialists from the Hanger Clinic created a specialized brace for her legs that could be completely hidden under her wedding dress.

She seemed to walk down the aisle without a second thought of her disability.

Giaffoglione says that she takes her disability one day at time.

She says,

I look at it as: I might be having a bad day, but I’m having a day. I’m here, I’m having a day.

This walk down the aisle might not be what I always envisioned it to be, but we’re having a walk down the aisle, and it’s happening. You’re here. You’re blessed.

This isn’t the first time Giaffoglione has challenged herself to be more than her paralysis. After her car accident, Giaffoglione completed a college degree at Wayne State College.

The skilled athlete refuses to give up gymnastics, her passion since childhood. She and Gary, who always trained together, presently run their own gym.

The father-daughter pair encourages others to embody Giaffoglione’s passion and dedication.

Giaffoglione and her father shared their story with KETV Omaha.

Springhower proposes to Giaffoglione.


The bride says that he never seems to notice her wheelchair.


Giaffoglione practices walking in physical therapy.


Gary and his daughter take to the gym.


H/T: Huffington Post, Photos courtesy: Gina Giaffoglione

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