Olympians’ Onesie Obsession Grips the Games

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Sochi never ceases to amaze. The latest delightfully bizarre detail to emerge from the Winter Olympics‘ host city? Olympians are apparently obsessed with adult onesies.

The New York Times‘ deputy sports editor Sam Dolnick has an entertaining report on the phenomenon, and we used it to glean some more details. There is a store specializing in adult onesies in the games’ mountain village, and Olympians are among its most loyal customers (although plenty of others buy the comfort sacks, as well). However, the athletes aren’t so cutting edge; onesies have apparently already been a hit among Europe’s nightclub crowd.

“Swiss hockey players have bought onesies,” Dolnick writes. “Gregory Bretz, an American snowboarder, tweeted a picture of himself wearing a onesie printed with an American flag. A Russian luger tried one on. Sage Kotsenburg, an American snowboarder who won a gold medal, has stopped by the store, as has the Russian snowboard team, a Canadian bobsledder and two Norwegian athletes. The store has set up an Instagram feed to document its celebrated visitors.”

That Instagram feed seemed too good to pass up, so we had to check it out. Called OnePiece, the store is owned by some young Norwegians. Here are a few of our favorites, along with OnePiece’s description of who is in each shot:

1. German Bobsledders Love Onesies

2. Sage Kotsenburg Loves Onesies

3. Austrian Fans Love Onesies

4. Norwegian Olympians Love Onesies (Even #America Ones!)

5. Swiss Hockey Players Love Onesies

6. NBC Loves Onesies

7. German Olympians Love Onesies

8. Russian Snowboarders Love Onesies

Conclusion: We all love onesies! Could they be the secret to worldwide compassion, understanding and above all, extreme chilling? We think so.

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