Older Brother Uses Earmuff Technique To Protect Younger Brother From NBA Star’s Potty Mouth

During Wednesday’s utterly unwatchable NBA showcase game between the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls, Kevin Garnett was called for a questionable foul while jostling for position with Taj Gibson.

Garnett, who has developed a reputation for talking trash and generally speaking his mind over the course of his 19-year NBA career, was obviously displeased by the foul call and probably used some choice words to express himself.

For those fans fortunate enough to afford courtside seats, they probably got to hear every last inappropriate syllable spoken by the Nets forward. But Christmas Day is a family affair and, of course, this being Brooklyn, there was a tiny hipster in the making sitting front row. The little Nets fan almost got an earful from Kevin Garnett if it weren’t for his quick thinking older brother.

Watch again in slow motion as the older brother uses Vince Vaughn’s patented earmuffs technique from Old School to save his little bro’s virgin ears from Garnett’s offensive language.

9. Watch the whole situation unfold.

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