Oh Good, 3-Breasted Woman Is Now a Halloween Costume

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Three cheers for 2014.

Because this is America, the online store Halloween Costumes is now offering DIY instructions on creating your very own “three-breasted woman” costume. We commend the resourcefulness.


Image: Halloweencostumes.com


Image: Halloweencostumes.com

Unfortunate residents of the Internet will remember the original three-breasted woman as Jasmine Tridevil, the viral sensation of last week, who claimed, and was then outed as a hoax, for pretending to have surgically attached a third breast to her chest.

And don’t worry, fellas — Halloween Costumes won’t leave you hanging. The company simply advises to, “Get two other friends together and you can each be one of the boobs!”


Image: Halloweencostumes.com

And to think, you almost just went as single-boob guy this year. Phew!

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