Occupy Nashville given walking papers; lone protester remains

The Tennessean:

Despite moving tents and throwing some camping items into garbage cans as midnight approached, there was no sign of police at War Memorial Plaza. There were about 40 people around the plaza tonight, including at least a dozen journalists. Several people were bundled up and remarked at how chilly it was as temperatures dropped into the low 40s.

A lot of equipment, such as tarps, had been placed in the back of a pickup truck. One large red-and-white tent had been dragged to the center of the plaza, where protesters had propped up many of their handwritten signs, including one that read, “Yo — using a tent (does not equal) camping.”

Skip to 4 hours later:

Early Friday morning only one occupied tent was left at the War Memorial Plaza encampment. Overnight, protesters packed up their tents and cleaned up, and by about 2 a.m. the tents were gone except for one, which was moved to the center of the plaza. That tent was occupied by a lone protester, Christopher Humphrey.

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