Obama Campaign Spent At Least $159,000 On Guggenheim Documentary

President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign spent at least $159,482 producing “The Road We’ve Traveled,” the Davis Guggenheim-directed “documentary” of Obama’s first term in office, Federal Election Commission filings show.

In April the campaign made two payments totaling $97,165 to “2012 Documentary Partners, LLC,” a Venice, California-based company whose legal work his handled by the entertainment law firm Donaldson and Callif. (Partner Michael C. Donaldson advertises in his bio that he has worked with Guggenheim.)

The company’s place of business is the same as another company registered in Guggenheim’s name. The campaign also paid $62,397 to the company in March, FEC records show.

The Obama campaign premiered the entirely positive “documentary” on March 15, and the 17-minute video is screened before most Obama campaign events. It has racked up nearly 2.2 million views on YouTube.

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