NYPD Officer Reads Law Permitting Subway Musician, Arrests Him Anyway (Video)

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The NYPD’s mantra is to serve and protect. But, based on this infuriating video, they have no interest in doing either of those things.

Andrew Kalleen, a subway performer, was harmlessly playing guitar on a platform in Brooklyn when a police officer began to harass him.

The officer attempted to eject Kalleen from the premises, despite the fact he had broken no law. Kalleen even had the officer read the MTA’s Rules of Conduct, which pretty clearly stipulate that artistic performances are permitted in the subway.

Despite all that, the officer continued to harass Kalleen and eventually arrested him in a fairly violent manner. Luckily, some concerned citizens videotaped the whole ordeal.

Check out the injustice up top.

H/T: Mass Appeal

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/subway-musician-arrested-nypd-video/804596/

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