NOPE: He kept hearing a wriggle in his ear, she applies a few drops and this disgusting monster emerges

Taking care of your ears is something everyone should be doing, but every once in a while you’ll discover that no amount of Q-tips or cleaning will keep your ears safe from random insects crawling in.

It’s not something that’s actually very common, though when it does happen it’s enough to cause a full-blown panic attack in adults, but how will you react when it’s your kid it happens to? One set of parents learned the hard way what they would have to do when their child had a centipede crawl right into their ear canal, and the only way to get it out was to attempt to drown it with some ear drops.

The one most terrifying aspect of the whole situation is that centipedes can bite, and I’ll bet that kid can hear absolutely every little movement that bug made. As soon as it started to climb out I wasn’t expecting it to be just that long, so I’m sure even the parents were a little more freaked out than they had originally been.

For future reference, the most common bug to invade people’s ears is the common cockroach, so if you have a problem with those you may want to get some ear plugs to sleep with. Other than that you really shouldn’t worry!

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