Nike Would Like To Remind You That Golf Is A Real Sport

In anticipation of this week’s U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club outside Philadelphia, Nike has a released a new commercial featuring Tiger Woods. The 30-second ad is technically for Woods’ new golf shoe — the TW ‘14 — but the message is that golf is more than just a hobby.

2. Tiger is EXACTLY like a world-class sprinter. Look how he tees off right when the gun sounds!

3. Sometimes Tiger JUST misses putts and gets sad, which is totally similar to boxers getting knocked out with a left hook!

4. Remember how all those crazy golf hooligans scream and distract Tiger when he’s trying to putt?

5. Baseball and golf are essentially the same sport, because, um, you hit a ball with a club.

6. My favorite part of golf events is when Tiger allows a mosh pit of fans to storm the 18th green after a victory.

7. Watch the entire strange commercial here:

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