New Device Charges Your Phone If You Exercise Hard Enough (Video)

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Students at Northwestern University have invented a pocket-sized device that uses energy generated by physical activity to charge a mobile phone.

Ampy is strapped onto the body, where it uses a magnet within a coil to convert kinetic energy into electricity.

Simply plug the device, about half the size of a cellphone, into a USB port and a phone, and the charging begins.

Chief Product Officer Alex Smith says,

The more you move, the more power you get.

Thirty minutes of jogging or an hour of bike riding produces enough energy to keep a smartphone charged for three additional hours.

Charge up Ampy’s battery to its maximum capacity, and a phone will go from no battery to between 50 and 75 percent full, according to the Mirror.

The battery’s status can be monitored in an accompanying app.

Smith and his fellow engineering majors are currently looking to crowdsource at least $100,000 by Nov. 10 to fund production.

Ampy is available for pre-order for $95.

H/T: Mirror

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