Navy Seal Who Was Shot 27 Times By Al-Qaeda Tells Unbelievable Story Of Survival (Video)

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A Navy SEAL was shot 27 times while fighting off four al-Qaeda terrorists, and he survived to tell his amazing story and return home to his daughters and wife.

In April 2007, Mike Day was looking for a high profile terrorist cell while serving in Iraq’s Anbar Province, before he ran into four armed al-Qaeda terrorists inside a 12 by 12 room.

Day was able to survive the attack and walk to a medevac helicopter by himself, even though he sustained 27 bullet wounds.

Day told Fox News the four men shot his gun out of his hands when he opened the door to the room, shooting him 27 times throughout his body.

His body armour stopped 11 shots, which is surprising considering the armour wasn’t made to absorb the amount of impact. The other 16 shots hit his arms, abdomen and legs.

Anywhere you can put your finger on me, I was shot, except for my head… I was there, and I don’t believe it… And here I am today, to tell the story.

When it occurred to Day he was really being shot, he prayed for the first time and “asked God to get me home to my girls.”

Using his pistol, Day, who said another Navy SEAL died the same night from a single gunshot wound, was able to muster up enough will-power to get out of the room and escape the terrorists.

I just did what I was trained to do.

Following his brave survival, Day spent two whole years recovering in a hospital.

Since being released, Day has dedicated himself to raising money for Carrick Brain Treatment Center in Texas.

The Navy SEAL is competing in his own triathlon, “Mike Day’s Tri Challenge,” and plans on competing in the Ironman 70.3 triathlon in Florida.

The money he raises in the competitions will be used to fund regular and custom cancer treatments for wounded warriors and dependent children.

Day has already raised over $33,000 on the CrowdRise donation page he created for the cause, but believes the page could potentially bring in $75,000.

Now, Day is using his experience to help other wounded warriors recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

My life’s mission now not about me… Rather, it is to care for and lead my wounded brothers and sisters. My fellow warriors deserve the best available treatment for their injuries.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: CrowdRise

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