Naughty ‘Sex Tape’ Trailer Explores Dangers of the Cloud

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Oops. After Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel’s characters in Sex Tape decide to spice up their relationship by filming one of their lovemaking romps via an iPad, the footage uploads itself into the cloud, making the video available on their loved ones’ gadgets.

The film’s trailer, above, shows the longtime couple with two children plotting to destroy or delete the three-hour sex video on iPads they gave as gifts to friends and relatives.

“Nobody understands the cloud — it’s a f*cking mystery,” Jay (played by Segel) yells at his wife, Annie (played by Diaz), during a fight about cloud computing.

The trailer premiered Monday night during the How I Met Your Mother finale. Segel was a main character on the show for nine seasons.

Aside from the trailer, Sony Pictures is promoting the film on social media in a series of funny text-message exchanges between Jay and Annie:

Sony’s Sex Tape, directed by Jake Kasdan, hits theaters July 25.

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