Most People Want Puppies, But This Family Shows Us Why Senior Dogs Are Even Better

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When families finally make the decision to adopt a dog, there’s usually a certain kind that they already have in mind — and we’re not necessarily talking about breed or size. The fact of the matter is that people want puppies.

Unfortunately, this means that thousands of amazing elderly dogs are euthanized every year. These senior pups are usually just down on their luck, and all they want is to spend the latter halves of their lives in homes full of love and happiness. Sure, puppies are adorable, but who says grey noses can’t be just as cute? If you’re still not convinced, check this out!

Even if you can’t adopt one of these cute and cuddly dogs, you can help spread the word by sharing this video with your friends. Together, we can ensure that no more elderly dogs finish their lives in shelters.

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