Monkey Saves Electrocuted Friend From Getting Hit By Oncoming Train (Video)

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Those of us who are working today are going to need a lot of motivation to make it until 5 o’clock.

And what’s the best way to get through a long day in the office? Animal videos, of course. So pop in those headphones and check out this inspiring clip, which proves animals have just as much heart as any human.

Filmed by an onlooker on the train platform, the footage shows a monkey saving his primate friend after the latter got himself electrocuted while playing on wires at a train station in Kanpur, India.

The rescue monkey scampered to his buddy’s side and bit, slapped and splashed water on his face so he’d wake up.

Luckily, he succeeded, and the two ran off to avoid being flattened by an oncoming train.

While it’s almost painfully sad to see the electrocuted monkey in his limp, unconscious state, you’ll feel relieved and incredibly happy once his primate pal’s efforts prove a success.

And with that, this Monday is off to a sweet start.

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