Monkey hilariously reacts to receiving unequal pay

In a simultaneously fascinating and funny experiment, scientists tested whether giving two monkeys different “payment” for completing the same task would affect their behavior. It did…

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5 responses to “Monkey hilariously reacts to receiving unequal pay”

  1. IA says:

    Not funny!!! Stupid people release those monkeys!

  2. ed says:


  3. Ling Wong says:

    It is not really quite unequal pay. It might be that cucumbers are very unsavory to monkeys. So this might be like paying one person in coupons to a clothing store, and another person in cash. Perhaps a better example would be that of giving one monkey half a grape the other monkey a full grape for the same task.

  4. Paula says:

    Hello there,Firstly, this is a great experiment about the nature of kindness. This is clearly well-intentioned. We need this information about the essence of kindness to explain ethics and morals in a world that is largely secular and not exclusively based on ONE religion… which is good, because we are acting with kindness ourselves to allow people to be who they are and keep their identities. Secondly — did you miss that in the intro these monkeys ARE NOT KEPT in these small spaces? They are put there for this test. There is no cruelty in this experiment. Tests that cut off rabbits’ eyelids — yes, horrible cruel. This isn’t that. The point of psychological studies that show that kindness is inherent — good heavens, what COULD be more important than that? If you don’t see this, um, you’re not looking or listening. Uselessness is in the head of the observer sometimes.

  5. This is not “cute” or “funny.” To those who don’t “get” what is cruel about it: How would you like to be locked in a cage and have your mind f**ked with? This is truly wasteful pseudo-science, regardless of who is paying for it. Shame on our un-evolved species. And, Clara, you allege that people like us don’t see the big picture, when it is exactly opposite. Most strides in human and animal medicine have been made by epidemiological, genetic, and clinical studies in the SPECIFIC species results are being sought for. This groping-in-the-dark experimental bullsh**t is completely useless and wasteful.

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