Mongolian Backboards Are No Match For This American Expat Baller

1. Several years back, Devon Clarke was a forward for Iona College.

2. After graduation, the 6-foot-6 Clarke bounced around before ending up in Mongolia.

3. Now, Mongolians have an affinity for some odd sports.

4. But they also like basketball. (Actually, they love basketball.)

It doesn’t really look like this dude is going to even come close to dunking, does it?

5. Yesterday, Clarke (playing for the SBL Becks) became a folk hero with this backboard-shattering slam late in the fourth against Tlg 13 Ngo S Tulga.

6. The key here? A perfect, court-long outlet pass from the baseline.

7. A dunk like that? You’ve earned some swagger.

8. Mongolian basketball may never be the same.

9. And hours afterward, Clarke had a killer new Facebook profile picture.

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