Mom Caught Her Children Playing With A Jar Of Peanut Butter, Her Reaction Was Priceless!

If youve got an older sibling then you can understand this video better than the rest.

An older brother or sister will always find a way to make you look like a complete idiot! However, youll be an idiot with a sibling that loves you. Its just a fact of life that kids pick on each other, and also a fact that brothers and sisters will find the most creative ways to do it to each other!

Take this brother-sister duo for example, who have managed to find themselves in a very sticky predicament! The older sister got to use her baby brother as a canvass, and her paint was peanut butter. I wont ruin it, but its one of the most adorable things Ive seen in a while! Not to mention the mothers remarks on the matter, she didnt get angry or upset; she encouraged her daughters artistry while firmly stating that this isnt the way to do it. Way to go mom!

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