MMA Fighter With Down Syndrome Beats UFC Legend Nate Quarry

19-year-old Jake The Snake Beckmann has always dreamed of being an MMA fighter and grappling with his heroes.

And finally, after years of hard work and training he achieved that goal in stunning fashion, defeating UFC legend Nate Quarry. Okay, so it might not have been the most competitive fight youve ever seen, but its quite the story. Only Jake has Down Syndrome. But he doesnt let them limit his life. As seen in this incredible video

Kudos to Nate The Rock Quarry here for being part of making one young fellas dream come true. Its a special moment for the guy and it shows that sport doesnt have to be the big serious thing it always seems.

Quarry said this after the fight: He was told his whole life, Youre not capable of those things; those things arent for you, because he was born with Down syndrome. Well, that wasnt good enough for me.

From the time I was very little, I was told exactly who I was supposed to be, what was expected of me, and I hate being put in a box, Quarry continued. I hate even more to see other people put in a box and be told what theyre supposed to be and who theyre supposed to be. So I said if I can help this young man achieve his goals, then thats what Im going to do.

Check out what happened:

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