Minnesota Man Films TSA Attempt To Screen Him After He Lands

1. When Kahler Nygard’s flight from Minneapolis landed in Denver Saturday, he was called to exit ahead of other passengers.

“No, I have not committed a crime,” he said into his cell phone camera as he walked past rows of passengers.

2. He was met by a Transportation Security Administration officer who asked him to step aside for screening that may not have been completed in Minneapolis.

TSA officers do not have the authority to make arrests. In the video, Nygard asks if he is being detained, or if he is free to go.

“No, you are not, sir,” the officer said.

The officer later clarifies that Nygard is not being detained, but if he does not comply with instructions, local police will be called.

Denver police never contacted him, Nygard told CopBlock.org.

4. Fox 9 in Minneapolis reported that Nygard was on a secondary screening list, which should have gotten him a more thorough security check before he boarded.

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The TSA would not discuss the watch list or whether Nygard was named on it. Some red flags may include buying a one-way ticket or paying in cash, the station reported.

Nygard said he used to be on a no-fly list, but the reason for the additional screening was not known.

5. A friend of Nygard’s filmed him originally going through security in Minneapolis, where he was given a “hard time” and patted down.

6. A TSA spokesman said the agency will be reviewing what happened.

TSA is reviewing the alleged incident. All passengers are thoroughly screened before boarding a commercial aircraft. TSA employs multiple layers of security to protect the traveling public. On board aircraft, these layers include reinforced cockpit doors, Federal Air Marshals, armed pilots and a vigilant public, as well as many others, both seen and unseen.

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