Microsoft Office 365′s ad against Gmail

5 responses to “Microsoft Office 365′s ad against Gmail”

  1. Roger Messner says:

    Since all my emails are to you and regarding you…it totally explains the ads I have been getting…

  2. Josh S says:

    Right… so Microsoft is comparing their paid email solution to Google’s free email solution. Google has a paid solution without ads for businesses, too, which is what they should be comparing against.Microsoft’s free email service (Hotmail) reads your mail too and offers targeted advertising. That’s how the free email business works.

  3. Matt says:

    This is really hilarious, very funny. Thing is, I use Gmail but never see any ads? Is that because I use a mail client? Thunderbird works free with Gmail; that’s why I changed to it: With Yahoo and Hotmail you have to pay to get an account that allows POP3 access…

  4. John Smith says:

    If you have Adblock Plus installed (for Firefox), you will never see one Google advertisement.

  5. Lydia says:

    I totally agree. I have found Microsoft to be highly dishonest in their advertising.There is one where they are comparing the prices of mac and pc, where the subject walks into the mac store “gets a price” and comes out. The problem with it is, that the same people who are walking by when she went in are walking by when she comes out. So really she just walked in and directly back out. However,I’m not saying Microsoft’s advertising is any more dishonest than others company’s.

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