London Using Poetry To Encourage Better Subway Etiquette

To coincide with National Poetry Day in England (this Thursday, October 3rd), Transport for London has launched #TravelBetterLondon. Starting today, 13 London poets will be giving pop-up performances at nine major Tube stations. Using a whiteboard, the poets will be highlighting passenger travel habits that can disrupt journeys. The performances will run through Friday.

All of the poems will be shared on the campaign’s Tumblr, where you can write your own poem for a chance to see it on a illustrated, shared as part of the campaign. (That’s a great idea.)

Two posters (written by London ad agency M&C Saatchi, above) are already up in the Underground. The campaign also includes a short animated film displayed on digital screens at Tube stations.

I think this is fabulous, and would love to see it tried in New York.

I’ve written one for NYC, whose subway I’ve been riding for 27 years:

Let me off the train
You ignorant fucks
You block the doors
You better damn well duck

4. Video featuring some of the poets

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