Little P Is the Big-Eyed Cat Who Needs All Your Hugs

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One look at those big, sad eyes and you can’t help but want to hold this little cat fur-ever.

Little P — nicknamed after her owner, LookPla — is a Scottish Fold cat living in Bangkok, Thailand. LookPla was never a cat person in particular before owning Little P, but when a photo of the silver coated kitten came across her News Feed, it was “love at first sight”.

But don’t let that grouchy face fool you — Little P is no Grumpy Cat. While she’s independent like other felines, she’s a shy little kitty who loves to play with plastic bags.

“She’ll always run into it if you open them,” her owner tells Mashable.

When not cocooning herself in a sanctuary of shopping bags, Little P likes cuddling with LookPla. “My favorite moment is when [Little P] looks insecure and if I hold her like a baby, she feels more comfortable and calms down.”

Cat lovers can get their daily dose of their new favorite feline face by following Little P on Instagram or Facebook.

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