Little Kid Might Regret ‘Combing’ His Hair With An Electric Razor (Video)

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If I had to put together a list of words that have no real purpose, “childproof” would easily appear somewhere near the top.

The reason for this is that children are possibly the most destructive creatures on the face of this Earth, and no amount of planning and precaution is going to stop them from doing something incredibly stupid.

You can put up as many gates and plug up as many sockets as you want, but kids are inevitably going to find coffee tables to crack their heads on, mistake batteries for shiny candy or do something involving poop that will make you wonder if humans are inherently evil creatures who enjoy the pain and suffering of others.

They might also go exploring in the bathroom and decide to comb their hair with a device that was meant for something a little more permanent.

I hope this kid likes his new hairstyle.

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