Link25 (064) – The Turtle Burger Edition

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It’s been another week of craziness on the internet and as usual we’re back with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. Highlights include everything from the craziest compilation of escalator fails to the inside scoop on how to fake incredible piano skills. This is Link25 (064) – The Turtle Burger Edition.

25. The First Car Accident

Car accidents are a sad fact of life. Every day thousands lose their lives in collisions, crashes and accidents. Though the car itself is a fairly recent invention, the first recorded accident involving them could have […]




19. Nail Houses: Lone Chinese Homes When The Owners Don’t Want To Move For New Development

It’s not often that we think of China when it comes to defending human rights, but that’s apparently the case with a unique Chinese phenomenon: the “Nail House.” These are homes where the resident refuses to move in order to make […]




13. The Stunning Astrophotography of Michael Shaimblum

Depending on where you live and how much light pollution there is, seeing stars at night is not always possible. Even when they are out, it’s […]





7. What The Future Looked Like In 1900

Humanity has long sought the ability to predict the future, and to a handful of candy connoisseurs in the height of the Second Industrial Revolution, it never looked brighter. On the cusp of a new […]




1. Top 10 Strangest Collections

These folks have a knack for collecting odd knick-knacks. Here are 10 are some of the oddest collectors in the world. Please sit back as we share with you these […]

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