Lighthearted mockery of the idea that motherhood is “the most difficult job”

Bill Burr broaches a risky subject and takes on the utterly implausible notion that mothers have the hardest jobs…

(Mildly NSFW)

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9 responses to “Lighthearted mockery of the idea that motherhood is “the most difficult job””

  1. Hekate says:

    Being a bad mother is easy. Being a good mother is f*cking hard work and it doesn’t end after an 8-hour shift. I’m not a mother because I find it more enjoyable to have a career I enjoy, and time consuming past times I equally enjoy. My sister on the other hand, is. And until her kids (both under 3) are old enough to go to school she is 24-7 engaged in looking after them. I think it’s terrifying. If ever I have kids I’m adopting them at an age when they’re old enough to be state occupied for at least some of the time. All I can say to that guy is try looking after an infant for a couple of months, and lets see how quickly you’d opt for coal mining instead.

  2. CB says:

    When my children were newborn/toddlers husband would often get a 6-12 week job assignment that would take him thousands of miles away from us (and no, the cheapskate company he worked for would not pay for him to come home on the weekends) leaving me to essentially be a single parent for months on end. So more than once, as a new mother, I’m sure I prayed for the sweet release of death from something as pleasant as “black lung”; and I would have gladly roofed a house in July (IN LOUISIANA, TEXAS, MISSISSIPPI or ALABAMA), wearing a wool sweater, if I could have traded off my colicky 8 week old (who had colic night and day for 3 months straight!). And yes, I have actually roofed a barn roof in 90+ degree weather (my dad raised me to work just as hard as any man), and I have red hair. I may not have worked in a coal mine, but I have worked 14 hour days in the bean fields, corn fields and hay fields. All I have to say is; the corn field doesn’t throw the mother of all tantrums when told “no, you can’t…”.Hekate is right. Being a bad mother is easy. Everything this guy described is what a bad mother does. A good mother works her butt off for FREE. As hard as it is, I love being a mom. But don’t ever say “being a mom is easy”. Also, I want to say that given the cultural shift in the expectations for today’s dads–being a dad can be equally as difficult.The only people who think parenting is “easy” are people who have never been parents.

  3. Paperchaser says:

    That’s right. Your mum’s vagina.

  4. Paperchaser says:

    He neglects mentioniong pushing a bowling ball out of your vagina, and how it’s untaxed because it’s unpaid. Almost funny anyways though.

  5. Tristan says:

    I was hoping he was going to mention air traffic controller. Often considered as one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Would have been a funny comparison!

  6. Beth says:

    Hahaha! Yesterday, I probably would have thrown the laptop at the wall if I’d watched this, because yesterday, being a mother was the most difficult, thankless, draining job on the planet. Today, I find it hilarious! Tomorrow… we’ll see.

  7. Jady says:

    Meh. Comedians who don’t resort to foul language are much better in my eyes. But whatever.

  8. Jake says:

    Words can not explain how thankful I am that someone finally said it.

  9. Michael says:

    Agreed, but a comedian who sprinkles some in for effect, and still has a funny central theme, is far preferable to a comedian who relies on foul language.

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