Let’s Talk About the Best Part of ’22 Jump Street’: The End Credits

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Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a scene from "22 Jump Street."

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This week: Let’s talk about 22 Jump Street

Based on their past work, filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have earned Hollywood carte blanche (a phrase that’s pronounced ‘Cate Blanchett’ when lunkhead Channing Tatum says it in 22 Jump Street).

Lord and Miller turned the thin kids’ book Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs into a viable and exciting film franchise. They took what sounded like a punchline about product placement, The LEGO Movie, and delivered something that’ll end up on many critics’ Top 10 lists. In between, they took an unsexy assignment — resurrected a musty ol’ television IP, just like it was the late 1990s or something.

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The result, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s 21 Jump Street, was so refreshing and fun that few doubted Lord and Miller wouldn’t have the goods for the sequel. And the sequel does have the goods. It’s breezy, funny and relentless in its self-reflexive “let’s do it again” attitude, mocking sequels and the movie business, but in a way that keeps most of its focus on the Hill-Tatum bromance instead of anything as ephemeral as plot.

22 Jump Street is a gag-a-minute and very enjoyable, but it mostly fast-food humor instead of a sit down meal — much of it relying on performance-based humor. And that is a tiny bit of a disappointment, at least compared to the visual dynamism we’ve come to expect from the duo after the choreographed sugar-rush of The LEGO Movie.

That is, until, 22 Jump Street ends.

There’s precedent for this, as the closing credits to 21 Jump Street were no joke:

… but this new one jumps a whole lot further. If the whole sequel’s joke is that first they were in high school, now they are in college, what about 23 Jump Street?

The Chief (Ice Cube) is clear on where they’re going next: Medical School!

Thus begins a lightning-paced barrage of scenes from upcoming Jump Street films (with hilarious posters and taglines, too.) As the numbers increase to 25, to 28 to 30 and beyond, we see Hill and Tatum running around busting baddies in cooking school, flight school, fireman school, as foreign exchange students and at dance school. (The last one prompting Hill to exclaim “finally something I’m good at!” before seeing him in tights. Tagline: “Pointe and Shoot!”)

In one iteration — all while the names of the hardworking crew members fly by — Ice Cube makes reference to contract negotiations and, wouldn’t you know it, Hill has been replaced by Seth Rogen. (This time they go to seminary school, so the outfits are even more ridiculous.)

2121 Jump Street naturally brings the boys to outer space.

Due to the furious pace of the whole montage it’s hard to recall if the interplanetary launch was before or after the cheesy 1980s Saturday Morning cartoon version gets introduced. Or the cheesy 90s-ish toy commercial. (This bit is very reminiscent of Lord and Miller’s ad for Bronte Sisters action figures …

… though this time it calls back to Rob Riggle’s bullet-riddled male appendage from the first movie.)

The first rule of show business is to leave the audience wanting more. Considering that 22 Jump Street is all about the absurdities of sequels, the hilarity of the film’s closing credits will have you aching for a world of endless Hill-Tatum hijinks. I’m pretty sure they left off undersea adventure, so maybe we can get that one next.


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