Justin M. Lewis And Luke Spring Blow The Audience Away With Their Incredible Tapping

Even without the boost of viral Internet stardom, Luke Spring was bound for Broadway. When you see this video of a then-seven-year-old Luke, you’ll know why. After guest stints on Ellen and So You Think You Can Dance, Luke landed his first Broadway role as one of the kids in A Christmas Story: The Musical. He took four months off of school to work on the show but he’s back to normal kid mode – for now.

Well, as normal as a kid like Luke can be. He’s still rubbing shoulders with some of the all-time greats of tap dancing. He’s still practicing his moves like nobody else can. He’s even taking voice lessons to add to his range as a performer.

No doubt we’ll see more from Luke in the future and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him in another Broadway show sooner or later. He’s one of a select few youths who are being branded the new guard in tap. The dance form has never gone away but certainly doesn’t have the immense popularity it had in the days of the Nicholas Brothers, but thanks to passionate and talented individuals like Luke Spring, every so often new life and new appreciation for the art form thrusts tap back into the limelight, where it clearly belongs. Will Luke Spring eventually rise to the level of the true celebrities of tap, like Gregory Hines? Only time will tell, but he’s certainly off to a running, jumping and tapping start.

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