Justin Bieber Fans Think It’s OK For Him To Punch His Grandmother In The Stomach

1. When asked if it was OK if Justin’s new Ferrari had tires made out of baby seals:

2. When asked if Justin needed to learn how to read:

3. When asked if they were mad that he peed on the American flag:

4. When asked if it was OK that Justin punched his grandmother so hard she had to go to the hospital:

5. When told the circumstances were that the grandmother cheated during a game:

6. When asked if this tattoo was OK:

8. So essentially, this is how Beliebers feel about Justin:

9. Watch the entire video for all of the responses:

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/rachelhorner/justin-bieber-fans-think-its-okay-for-him-to-punch-his-grand

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