John Kerry Speaking To The Senate Foreign Relations Committee In 1971 Vs. 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry, 69, spoke before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday about getting involved in Syria.

On April 22, 1971, Naval Lt. John Kerry, 27, spoke before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about leaving Vietnam.

A protester inturrupted the hearing Tuesday, and Kerry responded by mentioning his remarks in 1971.

“The first time I testified before this committee when I was 27 years old,” Kerry said. “I had feelings very similar to that protestor and I would just say that is exactly why it’s so important that we’re all here having this debate talking about these things before the country and that the Congress itself will act representing the American people and I think we can respect all those who have a different point of view.”

Here’s video of Kerry speaking in 1971.

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