John Constantine comes face-to-face with Papa Midnite in new sneak peek

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Papa Midnite debuts on Friday’s episode of ‘Constantine’ — and John doesn’t look too happy about it.
Image: Tina Rowden/NBC

Notorious Hellblazer foe Papa Midnite is coming to NBC’s Constantine — and after he makes his debut in Friday’s episode, count on seeing a lot more of him.

“The character is great in the comics, so we always hoped he’d be recurring,” Constantine executive producer David S. Goyer told Mashable. “But Michael James Shaw (Papa Midnite) did such a great job that as soon as we started watching the dailies we thought, ‘We have to get him back as soon as possible.'”

That turned out to be just a few episodes later. Shaw will return in the Nov. 21 outing.

“They have a good dynamic, too, in that there’s respect [between them],” executive producer Daniel Cerone added. “And sometimes they need to help each other, and sometimes they’re competing against each other … It’s a fun relationship.”

Take an exclusive look at Papa Midnite’s debut in the video, below:

Constantine airs Fridays on NBC.

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