Jimmey Kimmel Asks People In NYC And LA Questions To Determine Who’s Smarter (Video)

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People have always loved starting conflicts based on an excessive allegiance to a particular geographic area and, even though the people of Los Angeles and New York City haven’t gone to war in recent memory, there’s a bit of a rivalry between the country’s two biggest metropolises.

Jimmy Kimmel Live” took to the streets of each city to ask the dumbest-looking people to answer one seemingly simple question:

Who’s smarter: people in New York or people in Los Angeles?

Everyone knows that the proper answer to this question is, “Neither because you’d have to be an idiot to want to live in either of those places,” but that didn’t stop participants from voicing their opinions despite having essentially zero reasons to support their claims.

Once again, the editing team at Kimmel made it clear that everyone is an idiot, and we should give up on the world.

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