It’s Been Swept Under The Rug, But A Primate Genocide Is Happening And The World Needs To Know This

One of the darkest secrets of the earth lies within the genocide of thousands of primates, and the destruction of the world’s most diverse habitats.

A substance that we use every day is palm oil. It’s found in everyday products such as shampoos, toothpaste, chocolate, and even bread products.

It is found in so many common every day items because of it’s cost effectiveness. Unfortunately this “cheapness” comes at a devastating price.

When palm oil plantations are created, large amount of untouched rainforests are destroyed to make room and this is occurring in a hush-hush manner but yet at an alarmingexponential rate. The indigenous people who in many cases are helpless and voiceless to the destruction of their rainforests and natural habitats are often the ones that suffer the most directly. Large companies do not care about the preservation of the environment, only cutting corners to make their profits fatter and fatter despite the harm it brings to people’s lives or our planet.

Deforestation workers are commanded to kill and destroy and wildlife that prevents them from doing their job, despite how inhumane it may be. One of the shocking images uncovered, is running is of an orangutan run over with a logging truck.

90% of the orangutan wildlife habitat has been destroyed within the past 20 years. Looking at these photos of them really is not a pleasant sight and made my stomach churn, but we it is something that everyone should be made aware of.

If deforestation continues at such rates, it is very likely that orangutans could become completely extinct within the next few years, and their jungle natural habitats completely obliterated by 2035. Not only is this bad news for them, but us as human being as well: our climate will be damaged due to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Do not fret. Besides, sharing this for everyone to see, there are other actions that we should and can take:

Check the ingredients of all your household items and in the future before you buy it. If it contains palm oil, stop buying it and find an alternative that doesn’t.

Palm oil is actually very bad for your heart, so using it is not doing you any favors.

We need to raise awareness about these distressed animals being slaughtered. SHARE this with EVERYONE you know and let’s save our rain-forests, beloved animals, and planet!

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