It Looks Like A Hook On The Wall, But You’ll Be Shocked When You See What It Really Does

With cameras everywhere nowadays, its important to know that its not just big brother watching, it could be your neighbor, co-worker, or any kind of voyeuristic sicko out there.

All it takes is a hidden camera which may sound unlikely for one to fall for, if it wasnt for the technological advances and creative ways to implement, or hide, this kind of technology. Cameras are extremely tiny nowadays, which allow for easy hiding capability. Case in point is this hook on a wall in a womans dorm room which one wouldnt think twice about. But this woman who worked as an engineer on an oil rig decided to take a second look at this hook, and she discovered the thing was actually a hidden camera!

She was horrified that her every move was being watched. She told CNN the following: “Every day, the anxiety and fear of waking up and thinking that this footage could be online is a haunting thing.”

How exactly do these tiny hidden cameras work? Here we have an explanation of exactly how they work as well as how totally innocent they look. Anytime you are in a new environment, be on the lookout for suspicious things on the wall and call police if you do uncover something. These are very serious crimes and its up to citizens to be vigilant and aware regarding this type of criminal activity.

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