Is The New SportsCenter Commercial The Best Ever?

This an insanely awesome commercial for a lot of reasons, but is it the best ever? Let’s break it down.


3. The Fabled Ponytail

It seems to confirm the long-rumored ponytail of John Clayton. Though ESPN has previously denied its existence, (and at times we know his hair has been styled differently), the video does show the always seemingly clean-cut Clayton with his mane exposed.

4. The Half-Suit

5. Clayton’s Olympic-Level Form On The Bed Jump

6. Clayton’s Living Situation


There are only two possible cons here that would keep this from being the best SportsCenter commercial ever.

• It is totally possible (some would say likely) that Clayton doesn’t actually have a ponytail and that hair and makeup were employed. After all, it’s pretty unlikely that he lives with his mom in real life, though it makes for a funny moment. (ESPN personality most likely to live with his or her parents? Stephen A. Smith, no questions asked. That persona only comes from having an overbearing mother who is constantly telling you how great you are.) I choose to believe he does have a ponytail in real life though, because I want to believe that there is still magic in the world.

The other thing working against this video’s case for the top spot?

8. The existence of this commercial:

Follow me. Follow me to freedom (and to John Clayton’s ponytail).

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