Is Kanye West a God? Rap Genius Dissects ‘Yeezus’

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Kanye West’s sixth studio album Yeezus dropped today. Like the title strongly suggests, it draws deep on religious references and an “I Am God” narcissism that only Kanye brings to the table.

June has been out of control for Kanye West, and he’s only halfway through it. The frenzy began when he broke his usual press silence to promote his new album, Yeezus — sitting down with The New York Times for an interview that would become known as perhaps his most self-aggrandizing and hilariously quotable one to date.

Less than a week after the article appeared online, Yeezus leaked. The leak wouldn’t have surprised the Internet so much had it come from any other musical artist, but Kanye is known for going to extreme lengths — secure external hard-drives to transport music, a limited team — to keep his music on lockdown before its official release date.

Twitter blew up with links to download sites, as well as reactions to and quotes from the album. But that wasn’t the only press Kanye received this weekend. On Saturday, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth to an early but healthy baby girl — just in time for Kanye to celebrate his first Father’s Day.


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