Invisible Gamepad for Mobile Launches on Kickstarter

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Touchscreens are far from optimal for console-style gaming, and developers at Obinova believe they have found a solution to this problem. Say hello to the Invisible Gamepad, a new project that recently launched on Kickstarter.

Attempting to “bridge the gap between mobile gaming and console gaming,” the Invisible Gamepad is a set of controls that stick-on your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad to add more precision. Best of all, it works with any game and requires no additional setup.

Made of smooth transparent film with raised edges, the Invisible Gamepad comes with 63 different film controls. This includes 24 analog pads, 19 buttons, 10 digital pads, and 10 four-way digital pads.

According to creator Olivier Buigues, “Invisible Gamepad is the only product that lets you play with precision anywhere you want without a cumbersome accessory. You just pull out your mobile device and play.”

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The team at Obinova hopes to raise $7,000 to fund the project, and its campaign ends Aug. 25. If they receive full funding, Invisible Gamepad will retail for $16. Pledges start at $6 for the “Early Bird Special.” Those who pledge $16 or more will receive an Invisible Gamepad in August. All others will receive their gift in October.

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