In response to the “And this is why we all respect Snookie…” post…


15 responses to “In response to the “And this is why we all respect Snookie…” post…”

  1. AnthonyNapkins says:

    Didn’t that lady discover California? cool I didn’t know she had quotes

  2. AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

    Stop being so humble!

  3. ifthenightsarecoldatleastthedaysarewarm says:

    that doesn’t seem like a quote from a brilliant philosopher, maybe the sentiment but not the words

  4. suraci says:

    What’s with people using quotes taken out of historical context to justify random behaviour of the public dealing with pseudo-celebrities

  5. ImOblivious says:


  6. PuppiesStartedEveryWar says:

    “Any talk of me online soon has people saying ‘ha he liked farts’ They know. They read it on the same article as you, fuckhead” -James Joyce

  7. di82 says:

    cropman strikes again

  8. WoZZerZ says:

    When somebody doesn’t crop their image, I downvote it without even looking. Fuck me, right?

  9. danishguyfromdenmark says:


  10. Smellslikepurpletome says:

    I respect Snookie about as much as I do your cropping skills.

  11. Cocacoladinosaur says:

    Needs more black.

  12. Jackofall says:

    Crop good and proper or I will cut you, guv. – Friedrich Nietzsche

  13. oopsIgoofed says:

    Pffft, That’s Brian Cranston in a wig.

  14. hoboindenial says:

    I was unaware we all respected snookie, when did this happen?

  15. jsktrogdor says:

    Also I dont think Descartes would ever use the phrase “gets it’s laughs”, even in french.

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