In Arizona, Obama again blames ‘phony scandals’ for lack of progress!/markknoller/status/364839684192477184

President Obama never stops to name those “phony scandals” that have so inhibited his laser-like focus on jobs and the economy, so it was good of Jay Carney to clarify that they include the killing of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, and the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.

Speaking to a crowd in Phoenix, Ariz., this afternoon, the president again blamed those “phony scandals” for holding him back and again promised that the economy would once again be his highest priority — for real this time.!/wesbarrett/status/364840263035789313!/CntCnv/status/364839761761939456!/AspiringThrawn/status/364839888685768704!/moodyredhead/status/364848299120934912

That’s true: Obama’s complaint about phony scandals came at the same time CNN was announcing that the administration is finally filing formal charges against a suspect in the terrorist attack that killed four Americans. But the guy who made that video has been in jail for a while now, right?!/_AngelaMorabito/status/364841565690134530

So if Benghazi and the IRS were the phony scandals, what does that make all of the rest of them?!/purplerm/status/364840504921300992!/DocGuido/status/364843977301688320

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