If You Eat Tilapia You Need To Stop Right NOW! The Reason Why? I Had No Idea

If you’re a fan of anything from the sea then you’ve probably tried tilapia at least once.

If you haven’t tried it don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much! As it turns out most tilapia farms are overseas, and those places are terrible. The water is so filthy and disease ridden than in order to NOT have to clean it, they decided instead to give the fish themselves antibiotics!

What’s worse than that is the steroids and other chemicals they give these fish in order to make them grow faster. One of the chemicals even ensures that all the fish turn out to be male – the larger as faster growing sex in this particular breed of fish. But this is all just about the fish themselves, though it’s actually pretty bad for your health as well! Full of Omega-6 fatty acids without the Omega-3’s to back it up makes it the bacon of the sea in regards to how healthy it is. Well, I guess I’m sticking to salmon or mahi mahi the next time I want some fish!

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