Hump that leg! Reporter asks President Boyfriend a deep ‘personal question’ [video]!/BecketAdams/status/414121908443955200

During this afternoon’s Very Special Presser, intrepid reporter Brianna Keilar asked President Obama a Very Special Question:!/NolteNC/status/414121870045110272

Perhaps she and the president should have a joint New Year’s resolution: Get a damn room!!/EdMorrissey/status/414121746870988800!/Doc_0/status/414121888135135232!/JohnEkdahl/status/414121951536631808!/MichelleFields/status/414121801510182912!/conkc2/status/414123386701225984!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/414121765678235648!/michellemalkin/status/414123802595844096

Ain’t that the truth.



Got your barf bucket handy?!/gatewaypundit/status/414133978288123905

Let’s go the videotape!



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