How to host a stylish adult baptism

Everything you need to know in order to put on an elegant baptism that won’t disappoint…

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5 responses to “How to host a stylish adult baptism”

  1. Kristina says:

    I feel sick. Still hoping against hope that this is a spoof.

  2. Andy says:

    I think a lot of Christians would say that an unauthentic baptism is worse than none at all. Generally we believe that believers will be changed by their new identity in Christ, and a lot of what this woman had to say would arguably run contrary to what that identity should look like. If this woman/people like her believe that being dunked in water actually makes you right with God (without the relationship and change that goes along with being a believer), then they are deceived.

  3. Her says:

    Can anyone from the South confirm that this is actually happening??

  4. Patrick says:

    Nothing in the video says it’s a Christian ceremony. At the end, she said that its a commitment to live a better life, not a commitment to try to live a life like Christ. I mean, clearly baptism comes out of Christianity, but this in the video appears to be a meaningless cultural ceremony. Just one more thing culture has taken from Christianity.

  5. PS3Gamer says:

    As a believer, this cultural Christian stuff is a front to what real Christianity is. Many are lukewarm. Many are like the 5 foolish bridesmaids in the Bible. Many outwardly profess to be Christians, but inwardly are dead. What a shame.

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