How this blind, 8-year-old, autistic boy listens to music on the street will give you chills

A couple years ago, 8-year-old Jacob Smith and his parents were walking in downtown Lawrence, Kansas when they came across Tyler Gregory singing on the sidewalk. Jacob is both blind and autistic, so he experiences music differently than many of us.

After standing near to Gregory and listening for a bit, the boy followed the sound and came right up to Gregory until he was experiencing the song not only through his ears but through his hands, too, which he placed right on the guitar mid-song.

The connection between musician and his young audience is beautiful…

After the video started to send lots of positive online attention toward Gregory and his music, he wrote,

I felt so much energy coming off of him and I was completely overwhelmed. His hand on my leg was very powerful and about brought me to tears while playing. Not because he is blind or autistic, but because of a connection I have never felt and one that is impossible to explain. Honestly, a feeling that came from my toes all the way up my body and surrounded me. I can’t begin to explain it.

And Jacob’s parents write

Jacob’s love, more than anything else, is music. He favors classic rock, but also enjoys some modern day beats. Some of his favorite artists include The Beatles, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds and of course, the music of his new buddy, Tyler Gregory.


Blind, autistic man plays a Righteous Brothers hit with a guitar flat on his lap

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  1. luke says:

    my god, give this woman a medal ( a metaphor for all the support that she, and her family can use to make more experiences like this available to the young bloke! top work! )

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