Hilarious Snowman Halloween Prank Is Back And Better Than Ever (Video)

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Though it began several years ago, the Scary Snowman Prank is still going strong. This year, the guys behind the prank decided to start their fun a little early, just in time for Halloween.

The snowman was set up outside of Style Newport on a busy pedestrian street in Newport, RI, and at first glance, it simply looks like a grumpy wintertime decoration.

Watch as unsuspecting passersby get spooked by the giant snowman and react accordingly. Some jump, some yell, some swear, one slaps — it’s a medley of hilarity.

Head to the Scary Snowman’s YouTube page to see all of the pranks from past years.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/humor/scary-snowman-halloween-prank-video/815346/

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