High-schooler returns a missed field goal 110 yards for a touchdown

4 responses to “High-schooler returns a missed field goal 110 yards for a touchdown”

  1. Jeff says:

    Nifty. Once in a lifetime experience for him and the spectators. Liked how he gave the ball to the official at the end. I like to see classy athletes.

  2. Charles says:

    One problem. The field goal was good. Watch it again.

  3. Ref Jeff says:

    Strange. In High School football the ball is DEAD on a field goal as soon as the ball crosses the goal line. When the receiver possessed the ball in his end zone the play was DEAD automatically by Rule. In most games that ball comes out to the 20 yard line, Receivers ball, 1st and 10, clock stops until the snap. Must have had some special Rule in place for this game.

  4. Joey E says:

    Do all states have the same rules?

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