Hidden Garage Entrance Is Under The Driveway

Batman has the Batcave, and Superman has the Fortress of Solitude – but these hidden structures are just the stuff of fantasy, right? How could someone get away with doing that in the real world? Well, Tom Gonzalez doesn’t think so. Tom might not be Batman, but he’s about as rich as Bruce Wayne. He needed a garage to park his cars in, but it wasn’t an ordinary request. Tom owns … wait for it … 400 cars! So in order to store his cars at his family home in Lake Tahoe, he would need to get a little creative. 

His solution? An underground, 12,000-square-foot parking garage that sits right underneath his driveway. This isn’t just your ordinary underground parking garage because the entrance is hidden from natural sight. When Tom parks one of his cars on the driveway, the driveway lowers into the ground so the car can be parked in the large garage underneath. It’s a contraption so cool, even James Bond would be jealous. The underground garage can hold up to 30 vehicles – where Tom is holding his 370 other vehicles is anyone’s guess. 

Tom hides his subterranean garage with trees, rocks, and shrubs. If you didn’t know it was there, you would have no idea it even existed. The home is reportedly worth up to $50 million and according to Tom, will be on the market soon. So Bruce Wayne, if you’re reading, this home is for you. 

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H/T: CNNMoney

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